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Our pro-active and multi-disciplinary service helps to provide a clear understanding to all parties of their dilapidation responsibilities, which can involve substantial sums even on smaller properties.

During the term of a lease or at expiration, the repair and upkeep of a property and more important the responsibility should be defined within the lease.

We are very experienced in assessing properties and interpreting leases to provide invaluable advice to landlords and tenants alike.

Working closely within current RICS guidance and Pre-action Protocols, we will prepare and arrange for schedules to be served on behalf of landlords or react to those schedules on behalf of tenants.

Although mediation is the preferred route, if it is not possible to resolve any dispute through negotiations, we can provide expert witness representation.

Our involvement often continues in assisting with the design, specification and project management of any repair works.

If you require any further information on a property or our services, please call us on:

0113 245 1447


Chris D Priestley
BSc (Hons), MRICS