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Important Notice

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we wanted to let you have an update on the continuity of service we are planning to provide over the coming weeks.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been regularly reviewing our Business Continuity plan and we are now as satisfied as we can be that the steps we have and plan to take, will provide a sufficiently robust platform to ensure we can provide you with our usual service.

Currently our office is fully resourced and we have no known cases of anyone directly affected by the virus. Our colleagues have been regularly communicated on basic hygiene practices and preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus. By the end of this week however, in accordance with current Government guidelines, we intend to ask a number of our colleagues to work remotely and have put in place contingencies to ensure they can access all our systems from home.

Our current intention is to retain a small number of people in the office primarily within our Accounts and Property Management functions to ensure wherever practical those can continue to operate as effectively as possible. In general terms it will be the transactional agency, building services, lease advisory and valuation teams mostly working remotely. Department heads are likely to maintain some office based presence. You will I’m sure appreciate however that is subject to change as the situation develops and we will be guided by Government in that regard. If a full closure of our office is forced upon us at some point in the future we do have measures in place to ensure these functions do continue to operate.

We here will do our utmost to provide an uninterrupted service but some disruption is inevitable. We foresee our biggest challenge being site inspections but hope you will understand that our ability to carry out these will be largely dictated by Government and other agencies outside of our control.

If your contacts at Carter Towler are going to be working remotely, full contact details for them are available on our email footers and via our web site. In addition our office phone system is now set up to divert calls to our company mobiles. If your contacts at Carter Towler are taken ill, we will do our best to inform you and will provide you with an alternative contact in their absence who will be able to assist.

Whilst our clients are a priority, just as important to us is the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and their families. We would therefore ask for your patience and understanding in these very difficult circumstances.

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